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I am pleased to announce some wonderful changes for the New Year, all of which are reflected in this re-designed and updated website. Aptly titled Quantum Homeopathy  this site now represents my expanded approach to case-taking and case management, and presents the new therapies and support services that I've added to my practice. It also introduces new articles, and a new selection of very exciting series of Tele-Conferences.

The Tele-Conferences are my first step towards creating an educational program which is designed to challenge conventional thinking and question the status quo in a variety of areas. I believe that these conferences offer something for everyone and hope that you and your friends will join me for one of more of the topics.

2021 marks my 30th year  in practice and I am still enthusiastic and passionate about working with adults, children, and animals alike on their unique journey through this lifetime. Classical Homeopathy is a challenging, fascinating and enlightening experience and one from which I am certain all can benefit. I therefore invite everyone to join me on an exciting path that ultimately leads to a perfect integration of mind, body and spirit.

As Homeopathy is ever evolving, I have added a new techniques called Reverse Chronological Tautopathy to my practice. Most modern chronic disorders result from suppressive drugs, vaccinations, diagnostic techniques, radiation, and environmental insults. If these obstacles are not addressed, they may act as an obstacle to cure during constitutional homeopathic treatment. RCT is a systematic approach to removing these obstacles in order to allow a complete cure.

Some wonderful news is that I am now a contributor to Homeopathy and You, a comprehensive online publication from Mumbai, India. Look for my new articles on a variety of subjects related to homeopathy.

Peace, Love and Light

Barbara Etcovitch



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